A Future Taylor Swift in Farmingdale

Abby Jacobson hopes to break into the music business.

Abby Jacobson hopes her career will be much like Taylor Swift's.

“I want to get out there and be known as the girl from Farmingdale, Long Island,” said the 15-year-old Farmingdale native who sings and plays guitar.

Jacobson has never taken any voice lessons, even though she has loved singing since she was little. She started playing the guitar a year ago, taking lessons from Dave Saul, a member of the Farmingdale band

“I learned a song within a week, and since then it’s been going great,” she said.

On Aug. 20, she performed with Saul at the Farmingdale Staples in Airport Plaza for Teacher Appreciation Day.

“It honestly felt amazing to perform there,” said Jacobson.  “It was a little hard on my voice singing that early, but with all the people coming and the good vibes, it made me feel really comfortable.”

She has also performed at such venues as Toomey's Tavern and .

“I love that all the people in the Farmingdale venues are always so supportive,” Jacobson noted. “There is always clapping and even if they’d rather be hanging out with their friends, they like to listen. I perform at these venues whenever the opportunity arises.”

On collaborating with Dave and the Electric Dudes, she said that she really enjoyed working with them.

“The Electric Dudes didn’t go too fast and they made me feel very comfortable,” she said.

“I have been teaching and playing music forever and from the first five minutes I met Abby, her natural talent was obvious,” Saul said. “She has learned guitar at an amazingly fast pace, has an awesome singing voice and a great natural sense and interest in music. Just from a few appearances, interest is growing and everyone who hears Abby becomes a fan."

“For someone her age, Abby is very talented,” said Harmonie Saltzman, attendee and associate at the

She hopes to be playing at the Farmingdale Columbus Day fair in the village and is looking for other gigs.

On Aug. 26, Jacobson perform two sets at , which consisted of multiple hits by her musical inspiration, country mega-star Taylor Swift. The sets “Mine,” “Mean,” “The Story Of Us,” “You Belong With Me,””Should’ve Said No” and “Forever and Always." She also covered several well-known songs by contemporary vocalists in the pop music scene such as Pink’s “Perfect,” Adele’s “Someone Like You,” Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle,” The Script’s “Breakeven,” Oasis’ “Wonderwall,” and Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks,"

One of her most captivating covers was her rendition of Swift’s “Fifteen.” It was appropriate for Jacobson to perform this since it's her age.

“Abby has a great personality," said attendee Jake Dickinson. "A lot of potential to make it in the music business."


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