Farmingdale Car Show Revs Up Main Street

First-ever car show draws hundreds of collectors, enthusiasts, specialty vehicles to village

By all accounts, Farmingdale Village’s first-ever car show Friday night was a huge success, drawing hundreds of attendees and more than 250 vintage, collector and show vehicles.

The show, which closed Main Street from South Front Street to Prospect Street, was a joint effort sponsored by the Farmingdale Fire Department and High End Performance, an aftermarket parts supplier in East Farmingdale.

“This show was a long time coming and it is good for everyone—for the village and the residents,” said Keith Ryan, Farmingdale Fire Department’s chief. “People can see all types of vehicles at this show from racing cars, fire department vehicles, motorcycles and all kinds of vintage cars.”

Rich, a Farmingdale native who also works at 1042 Collision on Route 109, said that his 1929 silver Ford pickup truck was originally purchased in South Dakota. “The body is all-steel and it took me two and a half years to restore.”

He added that he thought the car show was a “great idea,” and something the village probably should have done a long time ago.

Over at the Taste of Long Island specialty food market on Main Street, owner Courtney Thompson said the car show was “definitely a good idea.” 

 “Car shows like these have helped many other areas on the island, including Glen Cove and Sea Cliff,” she said. Thompson called the show a “great event” that should really help to spur business on Main Street.

Frank has lived in Farmingdale since 1975, had his 1959 Chevy El Camino at the show. “The show is a very good idea, but it should have happened sooner.”

He added that it was “about time the town did something for Main Street.” He lamented the numerous businesses that have closed and keep closing on Main Street. “There are few attractions left here nowadays, maybe this show will help breathe some more life into the town.”

The village has scheduled another car show for Aug. 24 from 5pm to 10pm and possibly another show on Aug. 17.

Admission to the show is free and cars pay a $5 entrance fee. For more information on upcoming shows and how to enter, call the Farmingdale
Fire Department
at 516-531-9820. 

rich August 07, 2012 at 12:47 PM
I think it’s a great idea. Something to promote our downtown and bring foot traffic to our merchants in the village or at least a big plus for the restaurants and pubs . This is a win for the merchants and a win for the fundraiser but I don’t think the Village should be picking up the overtime costs of the Department on Works. This event needs to fund this cost .
Karen M August 07, 2012 at 04:04 PM
I am all for the town of Farmingdale amping-up foot traffic to produce more revenue for local business owners. My question is if the road is blocked how are people going to meandor around Farmingdale? Don't tell me you are going to point to parking at the Train Station as that is a guarateed ticket! I was turned around on my trip home from work and very aggitated-I cannot be the only person who thinks this way. Is there evidence that this actually brought genuine revenue into the town? How about turing the old Waldbaums into a theatre or arcade or some other family-oriented activity hot spot? That is my 2-cents worth
Frankies EASTSIDE GOURMET PIZZA/RESTAURANT August 08, 2012 at 12:02 AM
Though having the car show did bring a few new people to the area, and i have to say that i got about 20 new customers that already started to get deliveries to there home, and that I would never of came through my doors if it was not for this event, there was a downside to this. Number one: A few of my customers stated to me that they have received parking tickets where they parked. #2 Getting deliveries out on time was a big problem due to the way the police/fire department had the traffice moving. Due to the over volume of traffic, it just moved very very slow. Many of my customers complained about the deliveries taking so long. 3. I wish that the villiage would of gave a bit more time telling us that this event was happening. I could of done so many other things to prepare better for this special event. 4. i know the Mayor personally and I know that he is doing a great job and we want him to know that we are on his side 100 percent. Thanks for working with us and we will definetly work with you when you ask.
Bill Cann August 20, 2012 at 07:00 AM
Farmingdale has outdone itself again! The Chief, the Fire Department, NCPD, Joanne, and definitley Mayor Starkie did a great job in this family fun community Car Show. Tattoo Ritual is proud to be on Main Street. No better town around! Hope we have a car show every friday night next summer. Bill@Tattoo Ritual


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