4 Local Chambers Network

Business leaders from Farmingdale, Plainview, Hicksville and Syosset meet and greet each other, find common ground at Deco 1600.

About 90 business leaders and entrepreneurs from four area chambers of commerce exchanged ideas and business cards at the banquet hall in Plainview Wednesday.

Billed as a "Multi-chamber Networking Extravaganza, participants from the Plainview, Syosset, Hicksville and Farmingdale chambers networked at a cocktail hour and buffet dinner. Several public officials were also on hand.

Then, for about 90 minutes, participants in the second-annual event passed the microphone around, summarizing their businesses and promoting opportunities to the larger group.

The presidents of each chamber: (Hicksville) (Syosset) (Farmingdale) and (Plainview) provided a brief introduction and presented a check to for $280 in donations from the groups. Jim Hill, business development manager for Island Harvest, was on hand to accept the check.

All four chamber leaders called the annual get-together a success and vowed to continue the tradition.

Scooter Libby March 19, 2013 at 04:47 PM
Amusing to see someone from Empire Digital Products meeting with a spiritual leader. His boss, Scott Brodsky, is infamous for his sexual hijinks, including harrassment. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2249408/Flabby-CEO-Scott-Brodsky-wanted-sex-perks-sniffed-hair-claims-ex-employee-Christina-Iannitelli.html Well, perhaps they prayed for his salvation.


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