Giants Fans Flock to Modell's

NFC merchandise began selling at Farmingdale store right after the win.

Minutes after the Giants won the NFC Championship Sunday night, the Farmingdale was open selling merchandise to fans.

The store hopes Big Blue's super success translates into cash register green.

"Around half the staff came in after 11 p.m. Sunday night to cover the Giants area," Assistant Manager Rob Allen said. "Customers definitely came out."

Allen said the first round of NFC Championship merchandise arrived at the store prior to the game on the Sunday. The store opened after the game ended and again at 6 a.m. Monday morning so fans could get their gear before the work week started.

"We have NFC Championship shirts in addition to shirts with the name and number of the entire roster as well as NFC Championship hats," he said. "It all came in prior to the game but we've been getting more shipments in throughout day and will continue to do so all week."

Allen wasn't able to release specific sales numbers but said that sales have been steady throughout the day and that he expects the numbers to continue to increase as the Super Bowl nears. The entire front section of the store is dedicated to Giants merchandise, with at least four staff members covering the area as fans come in to check out what's available.

"We've had plenty of customers come in this morning, and I expect the numbers to keep going up, especially after work ends for people today," Allen said.

Fan Thomas Sammut said getting his Giants gear at Modell's was a priority on Monday.

"Modell's has a sweatshirt, T-shirt and hat that I'll be picking up today," he said.

Besides standard fan gear, the store is also selling plush footballs, tattoos, iPad cases, car stickers, banners and game chairs all with the Giants logo.

For an even more authentic Giants Super Bowl experience, Dalers won't have to actually go to Indianapolis. Former Giants player Sean Landeta is scheduled to watch the Super Bowl at on Feb. 5. Fans can also watch at other

"If I'm not at one of my close friend's houses in Farmingdale, I'll be at ," Sammut said. "Go Big Blue!"


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