PHOTOS: Farmingdale UFC Fight Night

Monster Nutrition sponsored the night at Hooters.

opened in 2011 in Farmingdale and has big plans for 2012. 

The store, which carries health products like protein powder, vitamins and supplements, has started sponsoring UFC fight nights at the Route 110 Owners Darren Anselmo and Clayton Johnson invited Dan 'K-9' Cion, one of their sponsored fighters, to come down for a meet and greet during the night.

Cion is a Farmingdale native with a professional Mixed Martial Arts record of three wins and once loss. Customers at Hoosters on Feb. 4 had the chance to meet with the fighter and ask him questions about training.

"We have grown immensely in the 11 months we have been in business and people are starting to catch on and appreciate the fact that we actually care about getting people results from their training," owner Anselmo said. 


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