Scrumptious Salad Choices at Bellagio

Farmingdale restaurant offers much more than just pizza.

 in Farmingdale is an area staple for both residents and the many people who work along Route 110. Both the pizza counter and dining tables are frequently full at lunch and dinner.

Bellagio serves traditional Italian cuisine in a very clean, warm dining space. It brands itself as a "neighborhood pizzeria" but the menu expands far beyond that and includes salads, heroes and other specialty items.

The Dish: The Balsamic Chicken and Portobello Salad ($10.25). The salad consists of marinated balsamic chicken and portobello mushrooms over baby greens and can easily serve two people. It is also available minus the chicken.

How's It Taste: The greens were fresh and plentiful. The chicken is thoroughly soaked in balsamic vinaigrette, which seeps through the tender pieces of chicken entirely, not just coated on the outside. The mushrooms were cut into small pieces and also thoroughly immersed in the balsamic. Both the chicken and portobello mushrooms were plentiful. Italian salad dressing was served on the side but was not entirely necessary, since the balsamic vinegar from the chicken and mushrooms naturally added flavor to the greens.

Sides: Every table is immediately greeted with fresh garlic bread, which was served warm. Be warned: Many customers make the mistake of filling up on the bread, which makes it difficult to finish Bellagio's large meal portions.


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