Spotlight: Digital Media Jobs

Employment opportunities growing on Long Island.

Many consider digital media a growth area, especially on Long Island, say Melville-based EGC's President Ernie Canedeo and Managing Partner Nicole Larrauri – the people behind Long Island's second annual digital summit in Woodbury on Tuesday.  

Digital media jobs are the ones where professionals manage brands online and engage with customers on such platforms as Facebook, Twitter and more. 

Companies “can’t hire great people fast enough,” Canedo said. With Manhattan a train-ride away, “we have to compete in terms of talent. The typical digital employee is in their 20s,” he added, and likely lives in Brooklyn.

That leaves companies with the goal of telling people on Long Island that there are jobs locally.

Salaries on Long Island for digital media range from $43,000-$101,000 and higher, according to Indeed.com, the online job-search site. Average digital media manager salaries for job postings on Long Island are 14 percent lower than the national average, according to Indeed.com.  

Here are some local digital media job opportunities:


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