Super Bowl 2012: Former Giants Player Watches in Farmingdale

Sean Landeta cheers on his former team at Kodiak's.

Former New York Giants punter Sean Landeta made plans to watch the Super Bowl in Farmingdale months ago, long before knowing he'd be cheering for his NFL alma mater in it.

"We had a great time at a Monday night football event back in November and we thought it would be a great idea to come back and watch the Super Bowl here," said Landeta, who played almost half of his career for the Giants, winning two championship rings in Super Bowl XXI and Super Bowl XXV

Landeta watched the game Sunday night with hundreds of fans, walking around signing and taking photos, pausing frequently to watch the Giants face the New England Patriots.

"They need to score on New England the way other teams have been able to," Landeta said. "They need to target the defense."

Before the game, Landeta got on the mic to wish his team good luck and to start a Giants cheer. Kodiak's has three wall-size television screens in addition to HDTVs around all three bars and along the restaurant's main floor.

Dan Keller, Nancy Lambert and Dennis Kaney, all  alums, secured the front table in front of the wall-size TVs.

"We definitely came down for the big screens," said Lambert.

Kodiak's hostesses Kristi Hellmund and Samantha Walker said that the restaurant had been crowded ever since 2 p.m. and that every table was full at game time.

"We've been busy," Hellmund said.

Lisa Gaines, of Huntington, brought her family to Kodiak's to watch the game and celebrate her son Ryan's 12th birthday.

"I'm rooting for the Giants, I'm a New York Fan," said Ryan, whose face was decorated with "Go Big Blue" for the game.

Before arriving Kodiak's, Landeta made an appearance at at their tailgate party on Main Street. He said he was in Indianapolis on Friday and Saturday before returning to Long Island.

Kodiak's owner Bill Mason said that it was his pleasure to host Landeta for the night.

"He's such a nice guy, he always interacts with the customers and even passes around his Super Bowl rings," Mason said. "It's a great experience to have him here."

Where are you celebrating the Super Bowl?


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