You Chose: Bagel Hut Voted Best Farmingdale Bagel

The full results from this week's 'You Choose' poll.

In a new series on Patch, we're putting competing Farmingdale businesses against each other every Tuesday and you decide who wins.

In this week's match,  and you voted that  serves the best bagels in Farmingdale.

"No question, Bagel Hut makes the freshest, most delicious bagels on Long Island," said commenter Erin Russo. "Their bagels are made fresh, everyday, unlike some competitors, who have theirs delivered frozen. If you haven't had a bagel at Bagel Hut, go today! You don't know what you're missing."

Commenter Fran Hanson added that the vegetable cream cheese was "to die for" and commenter Charles Krieg said the "service, cleanliness, variety and quality of the food products are vastly superior." 

There was a total of 118 votes in the poll. Here were the final results:

  • Stuff A Bagel: 23 (19%)
  • Bagel Hut: 84 (71%)
  • Bagel Factory: 3 (2%)
  • G & L:: 7 (5%)
  • Bagel Boys: 0 (0%)
  • Other: 1 (0%)

Remember to come back to Patch Tuesday to vote for next week's business and that  every business in Farmingdale in our Places tab. Do you own a Farmingdale business? .


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