The Heat Is On

With summer here and temperatures already peaking in the high-90s, people are staying inside.

With temperatures expected to peak near one hundred degrees today, it’s obvious that summer is not only here, but that it has come in force. So, what are local area residents doing about it?

Staying indoors with the air conditioner blasting, it seems, because they’re certainly not outdoors. Most public parks throughout the Town of Oyster Bay, normally bustling with activity on such a bright, sunny day, were instead nearly empty.

Still, a few brave souls managed to venture out into the blistering heat, determined to get in some outdoor activity in one way or another.

Lois Munch of Massapequa was watching her granddaughter Madison Thursday, and to get a little fresh air, the two enjoyed some playtime in an inflatable pool in their back yard.

“It’s brutally hot out today,” she said. “Originally, I was going to take her to the park or something, but with the heat the way it is, I figured we’d just go in her kiddie pool for a bit before heading back inside where it’s air conditioned.”

Brad Falley and some friends paid the near-record temperature no mind, heading out to in Massapequa to get in a few games of racketball.

“I’m not letting the heat stop me,” he said. “But we did come early, before the heat gets too bad...we’re crazy, but not THAT crazy.”

Farmingdale’s Allen Park features it’s very own water park of sorts, with an array of oversized sprinklers spraying good old H2O every which way. You’d think that such an attraction would be packed during 90-plus degree weather, but you’d be wrong; not a soul was in sight, aside from one young lady and her mother.

Linzette O’Malley said that, without a pool at home, the sprinklers at Allen Park were the next best thing. “Our air conditioning isn’t working right now, so we had to do something to cool off,” she said. “It’s no substitute for a good 5,000 BTU air conditioner blasting in your face, but it certainly takes the edge off.”

Town of Oyster Bay residents without means to keep cool today can take advantage of a , which is located at 28 West Carl Street in Hicksville.

High temperatures are expected to continue throughout tomorrow, before cooling off slightly for the weekend.


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