Gas Crunch Will Last Days

FEMA targeting 120 gas stations for fuel shipments and generators.

Story by Jason Molinet.

Long gas lines will be a Long Island fixture for the foreseeable future.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said fuel shortages will continue into next week, but said more supply is flowing and expects the gas crunch to abate by the weekend.

“There are continuing issues with the fuel delivery and distribution system,” Cuomo said at a Sunday press breifing, adding, “We do believe it is a short term problem.

He predicted overcrowding on mass transit Monday because of the gas shortage. See Monday’s LIRR schedule.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, said FEMA has earmarked gas shipments and generators for 120 gas stations in the region.

“My wife was waiting 2 ½ hours for gas,” Schumer said. “She called me every half hour asking, ‘What am I doing about it?’”

The governor promised 36 million gallons of gasoline delivered to New York terminals. But deliveries have been complicated by the fact that several gas stations are still without power. He also said the anxiety of locals lining up for fuel as well as hoarding is playing a role.

“For now patience is required,” Cuomo said. “Now is not the time to be using the car if you don’t have to.”

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Port Washington Twin Pines Co-op & Thrift Shop November 08, 2012 at 07:48 PM
http://hessexpress.com/StoreDeal/Fuel_Info_Hurricane_Sandy/9874 ... Hess Station at 86 Glen Cove Ave. has > 8000 Regular gallons of gas: and > 500 premium galllons in inventiory as of 2012-11-08 12:46:37
jeff November 09, 2012 at 02:43 AM
MMIGDOL, Hess is not the only one not gouging on jericho tpk. Why are you lying? that's very irresponsible in a time when the public needs to help each other out in this crazy time. gas heaven has been the same price as hess through all this and has had gas a lot more frequently. i don't know what you are carrying on about but please try and give correct information to all of us. that's just not right and very annoying. frankly that is as irresponsible as the gouging itself. we are all talking and seeking info on gas prices/availability/ lines and you are on some bizarre rant over building some hess station. lets please stick to the topic so we can help one another. in all honesty hess has been disappointing through all this. i expected them to have gas a lot more than they have had. maybe they have too many and they can't supply all of them or something. so if you want to rant about building a new hess that i dont even know what you are talking about, lets be honest and say the truth to the information seekers on here. they haven't been that reliable, and my buddy went to a self serve hess and said line takes to long because of the self service. im just trying to say the truth and help out the people in my community.
Gold Rush November 23, 2012 at 11:07 AM
Just a technical note for future use. I submit that 2/3rds of the capacity of electric power, a generator can make, is at or near its "idle" rpm's [electric power is measured in AC WATTS (@117v)] add the watts of all your desired devices together adding 20 % for "wiggle room". All that equals your individual household "LOAD wattage". Ex. tv1=200watts, say on paper 240, then cable box1=10 watts, on paper 12, 4 X 14 watt CFO bulbs=56+12= 68watts on paper, [each CFO spiral glass bulbs yielding lumen light = 60 watts incandescent]. add a 1500 watt "space heater" or a "300" watt oil burner, on this and a "500" watt fridge, just do the math. [hot water heaters are very high demand so be careful, know the numbers] My generator is 5250 watts capacity. never run your "load" devices, [with my 20% fudge added], to a wattage totaled above the standard rating! Even if the peak rating says its higher, peak = a new device turning on and for a milli second drawing the "peak" wattage, during turn on. The wattage of all load [in running state] must be below rated gen output! Note: Gens must be out of doors, cover loosely and insure "circulation air" to cool entire device, not in a garage with a fan! pg 1 of 2
Gold Rush November 23, 2012 at 11:07 AM
CO1 is a WMD it will take everyone in a house so be SMART. READ DIRECTIONS ON THIS DEVICE, IT CAN KILL LIKE NO OTHER!!!! Note: On heat build up and fire possibility due to a wide variety of gauge in your extension cord use. Each cord has a wattage rating, if YOU exceed it, it gets nasty quick, heat builds and fire usually follows, so feel sockets every 1/2 hr and DO THE MATH! [NO WIRES UNDER CARPETS THROW RUGS, RUGS] Check your extensions now and buy 12 gauge extension cords [Walmart best $$] to your biggest draw devices, use CFO's to round out the wattage on the "WIRE", each wire is specified to SAFELY DELIVER! Better yet have an electrician WIRE IN A SAFE WAY TO BOX or make a 220 volt high current thick gauge "drop cord" from the box inside the house to outside, by the gen, and with a male to male "drop cord", use the gen to power your home wiring (OF COURSE TURN OFF THE MAIN TO THE COMMERCIAL STREET POWER BEFORE GOING LIVE ON THE GENERATOR HOOKUP). Alot of people did not do this and workers were hurt! When the load goes up, the rpms self adjust. Not much more gas is used for that, [the extra watts to be produced]is small, so if you are smart, [check with manufacturer while the power is on, NOW, NOT DURING THE NEXT STORM], using 2/3 load wattage [in my case 3465 watts, is at/near idle rpm, so not using YOUR DEVICES to this number 3465 [insert your number here] In My Opinion is actually wasting gas because the engine is already running at, "at least" idle. pg 2 of 3
Gold Rush November 23, 2012 at 11:08 AM
Schedule run time efficiently, 4 hrs on/off, till sleep [off a max 8hrs] and charge your devices accordingly. This will stretch your gas. Check the oil smell [burnt is bad], clarity [change if "off clear"], slipperyness, and mostly oil level, in the gen frequently. Break in a new generator w/reg oil [12 hrs, check manual] then, switch to synthetic, [call manufacturer to dbl check] and it should make the engine last forever, and start [and pull] easier. Switching to synthetic [5w/30], at any time, with a gen [or lawnmower] engine is good [unless its already smoking/leaking/bad compression]. Add StaBil to gas in cans to stretch that investment too, if storing. Buy only approved gas cans, there is a reason, not to use Mazola jugs, 1 gal milk jugs, to hold gasoline, look it up. Remember with a generator, you can get a dose of normal, some morale boost, its OK to do so. No need to be a martyr, just do the math. Just be Smart. Push the gov't, LIPA to trim/remove dead/damaged trees on a priority basis, etc., so power to "society", can serve society, not LIPA or the gov't. No power=desperation=breakdown of society. The End


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