Facebook Security Tips

Opt into Facebook Account Security, and opt Out of Facebook Ads for additional security and privacy on Facebook.

Once you have updated your Privacy Settings in Facebook you are not done!  There are two tabs within Account Settings you might want to check out and update to further protect your safety and privacy.  Click on Account, and then Account Settings.  There you will find the Settings and Facebook Ads tabs.  You may wish to opt into Facebook Account Security, and opt out of Facebook Ads.

1.  Settings Tab

On the Settings tab, you will see Account Security.  Select change, and check Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible under Secure Browsing (https).  This means that the data sent between your PC and Facebook will be encrypted and unrecognizable should your data somehow be intercepted.  While interception may be unlikely, you should opt for a secure connection.  Hopefully Facebook will upgrade at some point and default to https.  For now you must opt in.

Next under Login Notifications - when an unrecognized computer or device tries to access my account, check Send me an email  so you will be notified if your account is accessed from a new device.   When you login to Facebook from a new device, a Name New Computer pop-up will ask you to name the new computer.   Type in a meaningful name you will recognize.  You will receive an email that your account was accessed by this computer name, complete with date, time, location, IP address, and a link to report unauthorized access. If you leave the check mark on Add to your list of recognized devices you won’t get the pop up next time you login from that device.  The next time you check Account Security it will show you the most recent logins from each device with date and time.   You can also see your most current login time and location.  If there is a device you don’t recognize, immediately change your Facebook password and email password.

The third Account Security option, Login Approvals requires entering a security code that is sent to your phone when a new device attempts to login to your account.  Personally I would find that annoying, but if I thought someone else was attempting to login to my account it would be handy. 

Don't forget to click on Save after updating any of the above Account Security options. 

2.  Facebook Ads Tab

The other tab of interest is the Facebook Ads tab.   If you are not advertising on Facebook, why would you click on this tab?  You should, as there are two settings you may wish to update.  Click on Facebook Ads, and you will find two sections: Ads shown by third parties, and Ads and Friends.  

Click on Edit third party ad settings.  This is a “could be in the future” feature.  If you are using Facebook social plug-ins you are a candidate.  This option determines who can see your name and possibly profile picture in future third party ads.  Click on the drop down to select Only my friends or No one.  Don’t forget to click on Save Changes

Click on Edit social ads setting.   This setting determines who can see your name and possibly profile picture in Facebook’s social ads.  If you have clicked Like on a business page and that business decides to pay for a social ad, you are a candidate.  Again,  click on the drop down to select Only my friends or No one.  Don’t forget to click on Save Changes.

OK, I am feeling a bit more private and secure now – how about you? 

Do you have a question about Facebook Privacy or Account Settings, or a suggestion for a future post?


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Jeri Usbay July 30, 2011 at 02:10 PM
Yesterday, Facebook updated the user interface for account settings. Setting functionality has not changed, it is just presented a bit more clearly. Here is a link to an update of this article on my personal blog: http://wp.me/p1CHug-29


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