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The Nourished Family: 5 Easy Tips for Staying Healthy on The Road

Whether you're travelling near or far this summer, be sure to check out my easy tips for staying healthy on the go so you can enjoy your fun even more!

Summer is the season to get outside, explore new places, and enjoy life. Whether you’re taking a long day trip or traveling on vacation, it can be challenging to stick to a healthy routine, but with the right strategy and mindset, it can be easier than you think. As your local Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, I bring you 5 eaasy tips this week to help you stay healthy on the road!

Nourishing Travel Tip #1: 3H's–Have Health Handy
Take some healthy snacks with you so you are less tempted to overeat when you stop for a meal. Pack some nuts and dried fruit. My favorite is Trader Joes’ individually packed Go Raw Trek Mix, a healthy combination of raw nuts and raisins with no added sugar. Raw nuts provide the highest content of healthy fat to keep your hunger at bay, maintain energy levels and improve brain and heart function. They also provide protein, antioxidants, and essential nutrients. Dried fruit provides antioxidants, fiber and vitamins to keep you healthy and strong. You might also enjoy stopping off at a local farm stand for some fresh peaches, berries or melon – a refreshing and nutritious treat to keep you cool.

Nourishing Travel Tip #2: Keep it Green
Greens are an important food to keep you energized and balanced, but often missing from the average American meal, especially on the road. For day trips pack some raw green beans for a crunchy snack. At dinner, order a side of sautéed spinach or broccoli as an appetizer or along with your meal to make sure your body gets what it needs and can keep you going through your busy schedule.

Nourishing Travel Tip #3: Hydrate
Your body needs more water when you’re on the go, especially in warm, hot weather so be sure to remember to drink as much water as possible. It’s a good idea to carry fresh water with you and to purchase a bottle with a built-in filter that you can refill on the go.

Avoid sugary, caffeinated and diet sodas, which will only dehydrate your body and leave you feeling hungry before you make it to your next stop. Stick with water and add fresh lemon, lime or a splash of fruit juice for cleansing balance.

Nourishing Travel Tip #4: Let Nature Rejuvenate You!
If you’re spending time outdoors this summer, be sure to take a moment to soak it all in. In the June issue of O Magazine, Cristina Tudino shared various scientific findings indicating physiological benefits of being in nature such as increased immune activity, reduced depression, having a more positive outlook, increased happiness and greater energy. Nature’s beautiful sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and surfaces (think of sinking your feet into the sand at the beach, while listening to the ocean, smelling the sea air, tasting a delicious peach and looking at the sunset) are abundantly nourishing to body, mind and spirit so indulge your senses.

Nourishing Travel Tip #5: Take a Moment to Appreciate the Day
With every new day comes a new adventure. Feeling gratitude for the opportunity to experience a new place, take a break from your routine, enjoy family and friends or relax in nature has proven health benefits such as balanced hormones, an increased immune system, and a greater ability to handle stress. To learn more about the incredible effects of gratitude on health and happiness, please check out my Gratitude Tools.

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