No. 71: Buy Cheap Books at Borders

It's the next activity on our list of 100 things to do in Farmingdale.

may be soon, but there's still time to take advantage of the deals there. The Farmingdale location in Airport Plaza is preparing to close down for good, which means great sales for book lovers everywhere.

Every day the store is putting out remaining merchandise, ranging from bestsellers to new releases in every genre. 

DVDs are currently selling for 25 percent off, Blu-rays for 40 percent off and posters and other memorabilia are selling for 25 percent off.

Book discounts range anywhere from 25-50 percent off, while all magazines are currently half price at 50 percent off.

The store is also in the preparation stages of hosting a fixture sale within the next couple of weeks. Various furniture ranging from televisions to showcases and even check out registers are going to be up for grabs.

No matter what you chose to buy, keep in mind that all sales at this location are final and can not be exchanged.

For more information, contact Borders at: (631) 752-0194.

Category: Shopping
Store will be closing soon, so get your shopping done while you can.
Some of the newly released books are still a little pricey. Keep in mind, the coffee and snack area of the store is no longer in service.

Stay tuned for No. 70 next week - same time, same place.


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