Cop Suspended for Pointing Gun in Farmingdale Bar

The Nassau County police officer was off-duty during the incident.

A Nassau County police officer has been suspended for allegedly pointing his weapon at a bartender at the in Farmingdale last Tuesday, police said.

Officer Heffron, whose weapon has reportedly been seized, was off-duty when he was caught on surveillance tape pointing his gun at bartender Charlie Ball last Tuesday.

Nassau County Police said in a statement that they are reviewing the tape secured from the pub and that an investigation is continuing in consultation with the Nassau County District Attorney.

The footage shows two men at the bar and Ball with his back to the men pouring a drink. One of the men, who Ball said had identified himself earlier as an off-duty police officer, then pulls out a gun and points it at the back of Ball's head. Ball then turns and the gun is directed at his face.

“I turn my back and I turned back around and the the next thing I know, he’s got this gun out and pointed right at me,” Ball told the media Wednesday. “It could have gone a different way.”

Ball said he told Heffron to put the weapon away, which he apparently did. The video then shows the off-duty officer pull the gun from the holster again, remove the clip and unload a round from the chamber before placing the handgun on the bar.

Ball, who works as a plumber and at the bar at night, said he hesitated before reporting the incident but ultimately told the police. Criminal charges have not been filed against the officer, but he remains suspended while the investigation continues.


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