Couple Evicted From Home; Police Continue Probe

Landlord takes belongings out of home on Hallock Street.

The Farmingdale couple who are being questioned about an infant found buried in their Hallock Street yard were evicted from their home Wednesday.

The landlord of Heather Kowalczik and her boyfriend, Robert Rodriguez, pulled all of their belongings out of the house and stacked them in the driveway, WABC-TV reported. 

State police recovered the body late Friday and are conducting an autopsy on the infant, who died about 18 months ago. His remains were found in a shallow grave in the couple's backyard, a place where the couple's two children played.

No one has been charged in connection with the infant's death. The investigation is continuing.

The landlords, Angela and Luigi Lancia told the station they were disgusted by the events at the residence, which has been in their family for half a century. The neat exterior of the home belies the unkept conditions inside, the Lancias said.

"This is my family's property for 52 years, I rented it to what I thought was a nice couple, and they turned out to do this in my family's yard, it's pitiful what they did to that poor child, and then they made their other children play in that yard," Angela Lancia told the station and was reported by The Huffington Post. "Some people got no conscience."

lookyloo December 19, 2012 at 06:45 PM
Whoa...the police find an infant buried in the yard and the title of the article is "Couple Evicted"? I mean there is a dead infant buried in the yard and yet the main thrust of this article is the eviction of the couple? Huh?


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