Teenagers in Farmingdale: Is There a Problem?

Complaints about teen behavior cite alcohol and drug use.

Two recent incidents in Farmingdale have focused attention on teenagers and behavior.

At a school board meeting on May 2, numerous at length about the behavior of students outside . Neighbors said drug and alcohol use was occurring before and after school hours and was a factor in the thefts and vandalism occurring in the community.

Over Memorial Day weekend, many residents near Maple Street complained that large numbers of young drunken teens were roaming the area, screaming, trashing the streets and causing trouble. One woman reported that teens had uprooted a stop sign. Though Nassau County police said they had no knowledge of the incident, neighbors said police were on scene, along with an ambulance and fire trucks.

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So, are teenagers causing problems in Farmingdale? If so, is it just a handful of kids causing trouble? And is it fueled by underage drinking? Or is there a bigger problem at large? What do teenagers have to say? Please tell us in the comments.

John smith June 22, 2012 at 06:23 PM
The people in farmingdale talk like they were never teenagers. You think this only happens in farmingdale? Farmingdale has it better than most with minor marijuana and alchohal use compared to Other towns we know where the kids do way harder drugs. Let's face the facts marijuana isn't going to make people rob other people, it's the person himself that wants to rob other people.


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