Babylon GOP Picks Recent Grad to Run against Sweeney

Town Republican Chairman Tony Pancella discusses the choice to run 21-year-old Amityville resident and SBU graduate Rashad Cureton against incumbent Assemblyman Robert Sweeney.

A recent graduate from Amityville with a degree in political science and a desire to serve the public is one of two picks by the Town GOP picks for this 's local races.

According to Town Republican Chairman , Mark Gallo of Lindenhurst will current Supervisor Richard Schaffer while Rashad Cureton of Amityville will take on New York State Assemblyman , another Lindy native.

(To read about Gallo, click .)

Cureton Takes on Sweeney
Pancella and the GOP are excited about Cureton’s candidacy.

"He's a very intelligent and hard-working individual, and this is his first run for political office," Pancella recently told Patch.

He added that it's heartening to see young people get involved in the political process.

The 21-year-old recent SBU graduate , who works at a local law firm, was chosen after Pancella spoke with him.

"Someone from the committee recommended I speak with him. He has a lot of fresh ideas. We'll use his energy and contacts with younger people in the Town to put his message out there," he said.

"I really think he has a bright future in politics and government," Pancella continued, adding that Cureton switched to the Republican Party last year after becoming "disenchanted" with the Democratic Party.

This is Cureton’s first run for office.


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