Babylon Town Holds Solemn Ceremony at 9/11 Memorial

A beachfront ceremony at the Town's 9/11 Memorial draws hundreds of firefighters and residents.

The and the Town of Babylon Fire Chiefs Association held a at the Town's September 11, 2001 Hometown Memorial on .

As the sunset many residents and family members of the victims paid their respects along with hundreds of firefighters from departments across the Town, from Amityville to Wyandanch.

"I remember the uncertainty and fear we all felt [on 9/11]," said Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer. "And I remember my colleagues in Town government and more than 10,000 residents coming together at Town Hall, stopping traffic on Sunrise Highway, hugging, crying and not knowing where this was going to take us.

"Fast forward 11 years, and we're here recognizing the 48 town residents you see before you," Schaffer said, motioning to the stone monuments for each of the World Trade Center victims.

"What we should do is keep them in our hearts, keep their memories alive and celebrate who they were - try to be the brave and heroic people they were," he said.

Jeff Thompson, president of the Fire Chiefs Association, said the memorial's beach, located between Overlook and Cedar Beaches, was a peaceful place to recall all of those we loved and lost.

"Hopefully this day will become the pillar of strength for all of us to continue to heal while never forgetting the past," Thompson said.

Following more speeches, Schaffer and Father Randolph Jon Germinder of Saint Mary's Episcopal Church in Amityville gave a roll call of those lost on September 11, 2001 from the Town, with a single bell tolling their memory.

"We need to remember both those we lost 11 years ago, and those we lost in the ensuing violence following," said Father Germinder. "Those who gave their lives simply because they were Americans."


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