County GOP, Conservatives Back Carpenter in County Exec Run

Suffolk Republicans and Conservatives tap the county's treasurer to take on Democrat Steve Bellone in November.

Suffolk County Republicans on Wednesday chose Angie Carpenter as their candidate for Suffolk County executive, setting the stage for a showdown between the Suffolk treasurer and the, in November.

Both vie for the county's highest elected office, a position held by Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy - - for eight years.

While Bellone had screened with the County Conservative Party, Conservative Chairman Ed Walsh was on stage at the event with GOP Chairman John Jay LaValle to welcome Carpenter.

More than one speaker on Wednesday night – including Carpenter – touted the strength they are hoping a Republican-Conservative bloc could hold over county Democrats.

"When we partner with the Conservative Party, we are over-the-top invincible," said Carpenter, a former county legislator, to the crowd of roughly 300 at the Hauppauge Sheraton. "There is not going to be any on-the-job training here. Because my experience in the legislature taught me one branch of government can't do it alone."

A long-time West Islip resident, Carpenter has spent nearly 20 years serving in county government: 13 years in the legislature and the past six years as treasurer.

LaValle and Walsh both said Carpenter's nomination was not set in stone until Wednesday. 

"We’ve been weighing the whole process out. It just all came together today," said Walsh. "The process was a little longer than I would have liked it to be. In a perfect world, it would have been quicker. But you sometimes can’t control everything."

Randy Altschuler, a businessman and last year's congressional candidate in the first congressional district, recently withdrew his name from the nomination process, saying he would  for his congressional seat. Altschuler narrowly lost his first campaign against Bishop in the 2010 election.

Leaving Carpenter and Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick, R-St. James, as the only two remaining Republicans who had screened for the county exec seat, the nod was given to Carpenter. Fitzpatrick said he drove down from Albany after receiving the call to nominate her at Wednesday's convention.

"We have representatives on the federal level, state level, county level, and town level," said LaValle following the convention on Wednesday. "We have to spread out the talent. I'm fortunate to be the chairman of a party with plenty of talent."

Should Carpenter win the county executive race, she would be the first female county executive in the history of Suffolk County.

The following candidates were nominated for their respective legislative district races: 

  1. Ed Romaine
  2. Cornelius Kelly
  3. Susan Sineo
  4. Thomas Muratore
  5. No candidate
  6. Karen Wilutis
  7. John Giannott
  8. Anthony C. Musumeci
  9. No candidate
  10. Tom Cilmi
  11. Thomas Barraga
  12. John M. Kennedy, Jr.
  13. Lynne Nowick
  14. No candidate
  15. No candidate
  16. Debra Poulos
  17. Dennis Garitano
  18. Elizabeth Black
Bobby J May 27, 2011 at 11:55 PM
Well, from where I sit, your responses above have been pretty rude and your response to David, just kind of proves his point..........."people like you"? what does that mean exactly? It would seem, Glenn, that you have very little tolerance for opposition view points and refuse to see that there is merit in those thoughts. Just as you believe that "progressive liberals" have "ruined the country, Right wing conservatives have done their share.
Jonathan Dees May 28, 2011 at 12:57 AM
Glenn - I'm with you. Fred Stewart totally misread your post and responded in an ignorant fashion. I think it's a reflexive response to your accurate points about liberals. As soon as you call them on their position, they revert to putdowns and distortions. If they're so concerned about taxing the rich, why don't they start donating more of their income to the Federal government? I'd like to see what they say about that!
Bobby J May 28, 2011 at 10:21 AM
Wow. Your response to me is extremely rude; if you can't see that, I feel sorry for you. I did not state any "facts". I gave an opinion. There is a difference. It would seem to me that you believe that your "opinion" is a fact when it is not. I will leave it at that. No need to respond. I do not care to have any kind of discourse with you.
Frank Mercuri May 28, 2011 at 12:09 PM
There is no way one can reason with liberal/ progressives. As an example and a reminder to these liberal progressives, is the fact that our tax dollars were given to Brazil and Venezuela for aiding in their oil drilling. They are part of the cartel that determines what the price will be for the product. While we pay $4.00 a gallon for gasoline, the liberal would be the one complaining that the prices are high and blam it on Bush. Apparently they forgot about Jimmy carter ad the gas crisis then. Let's see, was Bush around then? I have been there and did that and in all my years (most of my 80) there is a lot that these younger liberal/progressives need to learn, and not from their liberal professors, as to the truth. They think we were headed for a depression giving bailout money? Rest assured they have no idea what the depression was, I do.


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