Nassau Democrats: Mangano Responsible for $2 Million Reimbursement

Democrats say Mangano should reimburse residents for Monday's referendum vote, which will cost taxpayers $2 million.

Members of the Nassau Democratic Caucus joined outside of the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building in Mineola Thursday afternoon and demanded that Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano reimburse residents for Monday's vote, which will cost taxpayers $2 million.

If Monday's referendum vote had passed, Islanders owner Charles Wang would have footed the $2 million bill himself, but as a result of its failure, the burden now falls on Nassau residents.

“Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano should reimburse county tax payers for the senseless and irresponsible waste of tax payer money,” said Leg. Diane Yatauro, D-Glen Cove, the Nassau Legislature’s Democratic Minority Leader.

Earlier this week, Mangano said he had "no regrets" about holding the vote.

A statement from County Spokesman Brian R. Nevin Thursday defended Mangano and his reasoning for holding the vote.

"Our nation is built upon democracy and the right to vote," Nevin said in the statement. "It is shameful that the Nassau County Democrats would dishonor those who fought to defend these rights by suggesting that a vote should not have occurred. ... County Executive Mangano let the people of Nassau County determine the future of the Nassau Coliseum."

Monday's county-wide referendum vote allowed for residents to approve Mangano's plan to borrow $400 million to construct a new Coliseum and a minor league baseball field. It was hoped that this plan, if approved, would retain the Islanders at the team's current location, as well as solicit interest from minor league baseball teams in a new stadium adjacent to the Coliseum.

"The county should have placed the Coliseum question on the November ballot when specific details might have been available and more residents could have voted at no additional expense," Leg. Judi Bosworth, D-Great Neck, said. "The Mangano administration needs to be held accountable for these funds and let us all know how he is going to reimburse our depleted county coffers.”

Most Democrats opposed the referendum vote due to a lack of specific information as to how the development plans would benefit the county. Many Democrats had also favored holding the referendum vote at the time of the Nov. 8 general elections to assure greater voter participation.

“Since Mr. Mangano totally disregarded our advice to hold this election in November when county residents as well as elected officials would have greater access to specific details pertaining to any HUB development, he should reimburse the county for this wasteful use of tax payer money,” Yatauro said. 

Lloyd August 09, 2011 at 12:29 AM
Bill A... So far the Coliseum and all the office buildings surrounding it have not really revitalized Uniondale, and neither will a new Coliseum. Just as the new CitiField did not revialize all the junkyards surrounding it or add any business in the Corona neighborhood...only more traffic. Same with the NEW Yankee Stadium, and the South Bronx.
Mac August 09, 2011 at 12:54 AM
Lloyd they call you a fair weather fan. Easy to leave when the team is bad. At least Met fans didnt jump sheep during the Minaya years when they were the worst run franchise in prosports. Funny you are a Devils fan when that arena revitalized Newark. Your comments made it very clear you are anti- Charles Wang. what else would anyone think from reading them. Concerned Citizen I agree with your last comment 100% I am not important at all if any doesnt believe it ask my wife.
Lloyd August 09, 2011 at 01:57 AM
Mac...I'm still a rabid, bleed blue and orange, Mets fan. One exasperating team is enough for me at my age. And I dont dislike Wang. We are around the same age, both grew up in Queens Village, and we are both Queens College grads. He just has a few more bucks than I have. I wish him well....with the Islanders, using his money. I still like the Isles, but hope Wang sells them to the Steinbrenners and gives me a few dollars for old times sake. And Mac..You ARE very important here. I respect your opinions and look forward to battling with you. See you next yesr in the Stanley Cup playoffs.
Mac August 09, 2011 at 02:01 AM
Can you tell that but of me being important to my wife :) Hopefully this will be the year the Isles make the playoffs.
Lloyd August 09, 2011 at 03:42 AM
I hope they do and fill up the old Coliseum every night...just like the grand old days under Bill Torrey and Al Arbour. Now those guys knew how to run a team. Chuckie Wang is my best buddy compared to Omar Minaya. Mac...Im sure your wife finds you very important at least two nights a week.


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