Nassau Legislature Race: Candidate Eva Pearson

Eva Pearson is the Democratic challenger running for the 14th district seat of the Nassau County Legislature.

Pearson, who was raised in Nassau County and now lives in Farmingdale, served in the U.S. Air Force during the first Gulf War. She currently works at the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in New York City, where she counsels children in foster care.

Michael Collins November 02, 2011 at 09:53 PM
I'm voting for Eva NEXT TUESDAY !!! Get out & VOTE !!
Dan Michaels November 02, 2011 at 09:57 PM
Dave Mejias, the candidate that lost the last 14th LD election, and was later arrested on charges of harassment of a female (of course - months later exonerated by his personal Dem friend, DA Rice), is the feature speaker and fund raiser on behalf of Candidate Eva Pearson. If the Democratic party in Farmingdale believes that Dave Mejias is their BEST spokes person they've got to be kidding. Of all the Democrats on Long Island, Dave Mejias is Farmingdale's go to guy? Wow. As for the positions of Candidate Pearson, she's working in Suffolk County folks, in Mt. Sinai. How does that serve Farmingdale? Come on. She's off base about her opponent. He's out there in Farmingdale and raised his own family here. He has grand children who also are being raised in Farmingdale. He voted on issues that were GOOD for all the residents of Farmingdale, including non Republicans. No specifics by Candidate Pearson about the alleged wasteful spending. The 14 LD is being represented by the right person - Joe Belesi one of Farmingdales own.
Elect Eva Pearson November 02, 2011 at 11:58 PM
Mr Michaels To address your concerns that I do not serve the community: As stated in the above article, I work at Mount Sinai in New York City providing therapy to foster care children. I do not work in Suffolk County. Additionally, I have been an Instructor at Adelphi University for the past 6 years. I'm also a volunteer with the Child Abuse Prevention Services of Long Island (CAPS) teaching Internet safety to 5th graders all over Nassau County. Additionally, I am a member of the newly formed Farmingdale Kiwanis. Finally,I have attended more Farmingdale meetings this year than my opponent has. How do I know this? Because I am there and he is not To address your request for specifics regarding wasteful spending: Mr Belesi's FIRST VOTE was to approve a 47% raise for the head of the legislature, Peter Schmitt. In a time of financial crisis, this is insulting. This past summer he approved the spending of 2 Million dollars to cover the cost of the one-vote referendum; a vote that could have been done 6 weeks later on primary day at NO additional cost to the taxpayers. In fact during our News12 debate, he said he was "PROUD" of this vote. In this same time frame he voted to lay off 128 people. Again, wasteful and insulting. So, I stand by my statement: Mr. Belesi in it for his party and for himself, and not for the betterment of the people in Nassau County Legislative District 14. Feel free to email me directly: ElectEvaPearson@gmail.com
Rosemarie Stauber November 03, 2011 at 12:20 PM
Ms. Pearson: Please tell us more about yourself - background and skills - and what issues you would focus on for the people of the 14th LD. Thank you.
Dan Michaels November 03, 2011 at 08:09 PM
Thank you for your comments Ms. Pearson. What party do you represent? Who is supporting your positions? What are your positions on taxes? Dems have consistently ncreased taxes and Beleis and the Republicans do not. What's your say on the hiddent tax increases of your parties former County Executive? Do you support an energy tax like Mejias did? He felt it was "only a few bucks." What say you? Like Rosemarie asks above, what are YOUR issues and how would you help the voters of the 14th LD? I still haven't heard or read anything definitive. All I read is blame and finger pointing. Laying off people is the direct result of fiscal restraint, and that Ms. Pearson is not a bad thing. We all must balance our checkbooks. Wasteful and insulting you say...how insulting was it to hide an annual property tax increase into law by Democrat Suozzi? How insulting was it to institute a tax on energy for all Nassau residents calling it merely a few bucks? Yes, I'm insulted by the Democratic tax hike mindset which you unfortunately represent. Sorry, but that's the history you've decided to champion. I'm not voting for that EVER. Again, Belesi voted to ELIMINATE the energy tax the Democrats instituted. Beleis voted to ELIMINATE the automatic property tax increase that the Democrats slipped into legislation. Belesi voted YES to freeze property taxes too. A world of difference and ALL GOOD for the voters of the 14th LD. Belesi gets my vote. Please don't be insulted.
John Rennhack November 03, 2011 at 08:40 PM
Dan, Belesi voted to raise your taxes 7%. Didn't know that? Of course not, it was hidden as fee increases of over $60million. There were no hidden annual property tax increases. When Belesi voted to repeal the energy tax - they still collected money from Jan. - June, did you know that? - there was no offset to make up the loss in revenue. layoffs after layoffs still do not cover the increase in spending under Mangano and Belesi.. And the layoffs were ordinary county workers, not the patronage employees Mangano and Belesi piled up after the election. Belesi himself a patronage employee actaully had the gall to complain about patronage 2 years ago. THAT shows you his character. Assessments were frozen but your taxes are still going to go up under the Mangano/Belesi plan. Even the republican comptroller says so. Again, there was NEVER an automatic tax increase slipped in everywhere. Whoever told you that is lying.. and if it was Belesi, then that also shows you his character. Belesi just voted to close the 8th Precinct. How is that great for Farmingdale? Under Belesi you got a 7% tax increase, a takeover of County finances by NIFA, more debt, more borrowing, less public safety, less park upkeep, more patronage employees, higher property assessments, lower Bond Rating, and on and on and on.
Dan Michaels November 03, 2011 at 09:06 PM
User fees are not tax increases Mr. Rennhack. My taxes did not go up one dollar for the fee increases. So get off your soapbox. Unfortunately for you, I know Joe Belesi personally. You have no idea what you are talking about when you speak of patronage jobs. That my friend is total fiction on your part. How is Belesi a patronage employee Mr. Rennhack - explain if you can. He's an elected official. I actually know his character and so far his far out weighs yours, but let's discuss. Belesi didn't vote to close the 8th Pct., Mr. Rennhack did he? He voted to reduce the county budget by 150 million dollars. Get it straight. When and where did I get a 7% tax increase? NIFA is a Democratic installed oversight group who approved the cuts Mr. Rennhack. More debt? How so? The Republicans, and Belesi voted to REDUCE the debt, check the math. Wow, you ramble about, parks, public safety, patronage, higher property assessment, lower bond ratings....check the county parks, are they unsafe? The Nation had it's bond rating reduced recently, does that make Nassau County any different. We are in a recession John and fiscal accountability is a mandate. Who caused that to happen? Patronage? Name names if you can, but be honest and accurate. Belesi didn't cause all these things to happen all by himself now did he? Of course not. Check your Nassau County legislation history and you'll find that tax increase implemented by Mr. Souzi. Not a lie, but a fact!
John Rennhack November 03, 2011 at 09:37 PM
1) User fees are tax increases. belesi certainly believed they were when he was just a challenger "He also blasts the Democratic leadership for supporting property assessment increases and increased fees for county services like using parks. "With any more successes for the Democratic party, we're going to go bankrupt in this county," said Belesi." (Massapequa Post) 2) Joe Belesi held a patronage job before being elected in 2009. That is a fact. 3) Belesi lies. That is his character. I don't lie. 4) Belesi voted for a budget that will close the 8th precinct. 5) NIFA was created by NYS with Gov. Pataki (REPUBLICAN) and Dean Skelos (REPUBLICAN) because Nassau County under Gulotta (REPUBLICAN), Mangano (REPUBLICAN) and Schmitt (REPUBLICAN) was on the verge of bankruptcy. The County Bond Rating was one step above JUNK. NIFA was created to help Nassau borrow funds and was an oversight board that watched County finances. Get your facts straight. The republicans tried ti sink the county 12 years ago and now they are trying to do it again. Fact. 6) Mangano and Belesi tried to get a sales tax increase but Albany said no. Fact. 7) There is more borrowing going on now and that is DEBT. Fact. 8) Patronage is up and that is a fact. While cutting $50,000/year CSEA employees, Mangano hires D'Amato's unqualified daughter for $105,000. Fact. 9) Less cops means less safety. Fact.
John Rennhack November 03, 2011 at 09:52 PM
10) ParcNassau the parks advocacy group that has no political agenda is blasting Mangano and Belesi over their ridiculous plans and actions. Including a patronage hire of Carnell Foskey who has no Park experience but did lose an election in 2009. 11) Not all municipalities had Bond ratings reduced but Nassau County and TOBAY did. The national bond rating was reduced because as S&P put is "The statutory debt ceiling and the threat of default have become political bargaining chips in the debate over fiscal policy." Hmm... who was talking about letting the US default again? 12) Fiscal Accountability like voting for a 47% pay raise for Peter Schmitt? How about millions wasted on outside contracts to republican law firms? Suozzi CUT outside contracts. Managno and Belesi brought them back. Fact. 13) No automatic tax increase. Sorry. 14) Name names? D'Amato, Foskey, Thomas, Flores, Kennedy, Ostuni... want me to go on and on and on?
John Rennhack November 03, 2011 at 10:03 PM
This is the assessment system Mangano and Belesi gives us: "Nassau County's new property tax assessment method might not be any better than the old, according to an audit from Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos The comptroller's audit found that the tax burden was shifted onto middle class homes by the county's new assessment method, high-end properties have been valued in an inconsistent and arbitrary manner, and county Department of Assessment staff was not adequately trained in the old method. "The comptroller's audit concluded the new assessment method "may not meet the objective of reducing property tax refunds," causing under assessment of some properties and different assessment levels for similar properties. It also found property owners who did not challenge past assessments may pay the price through higher property assessments under the new system. Mid-tier homes with values between $330,000 and $440,000 will share a higher percentage of the tax burden, a conclusion acknowledged by the county Department of Assessment. The department defended this shifting of the tax burden as "expected and appropriate. These changes are what a reassessment is supposed to capture." http://www.theislandnow.com/opinions/article_1299d3b8-f036-11e0-9bc1-001cc4c03286.html
John Rennhack November 03, 2011 at 10:06 PM
So Mangano and Belesi don't seem to care that taxes are going to go up for most of Farmingdale. How nice of them "While the administration of County Executive Edward Mangano disagreed with some of Maragos' findings in a review of the assessment office, officials acknowledged that there would be some shift in county taxes onto middle-valued homes, between $333,000 and $440,000. But the administration noted that county levies make up the smallest portion of the total property tax bill -- less than 20 percent." http://www.newsday.com/classifieds/real-estate/nassau-comptroller-cites-tax-burden-shift-1.3220306
Glenn November 03, 2011 at 10:59 PM
First people , when I hear fiscal responsibility I want to "barf". You cannot talk about cutting expenditures and not raising taxes in the same breath. It is fiscally irresponsible. Oh yea, lets just borrow money to pay our bills since we can't raise taxes, our sworn oath. We need to make government more transparent. With the likes of Mr Mangano and Mr Schmitt, I do not see this happening. I expected more and better without running up legal fees fighting battles with the county for oversight. Why do people make things so complicated ? Budgets are set up to control revenue and expenditures. The problem we have is that our County government is too big. We have these special "districts" set up , which have limited oversight and waste money. With the advent of the internet we can become more transparent. Lets start publishing budgets and actual reports monthly and quarterly and not "bury" or "disguise" what it is. We need order. I will vote for Ms Pearson because we need new ideas and we need someone who will fight for the residents of the area and listen to our needs. The bottom line is to grow jobs on Long Island and make it more affordable.to live in. We spend too much money on wasteful projects. We need private companies and government to work together without giving away the store.
Dan Michaels November 04, 2011 at 03:12 PM
John Rennhack you are truly an angry person. You sound a lot like someone who has been encouraged to say or do anything he can about any Republican running for office in a negative manor, with the blessings of your candidate. Not an appealing quality I must admit. That's the way I've noticed Democrats lately respond to issues. Angry and assaultive. Despite your tactics you are wrong on several points and by placing the the word fact at the end of your off the collar statements DOES NOT make them true. How is it that you allegedly know so much about patronage jobs? Did you have one at one time? Are our Town taxes going up (School Taxes are the disgusting exception of course - always UP), and are they a burden? IS enough being done to keep them down or steady? Do you think the Democratics want to raise or lower your taxes? That answer is obvious. Read Glenn's response above, and he's voting for Ms. Pearson. Fight taxes vote Belesi. Increase your tax burden vote Democratic. Simple choices. In two years we will get to vote again. Don't know about you guys but my school taxes are 3 to 4 times as high as my Town taxes. My school board just passed another increase in our school tax bill without a single justification point as to why it was needed. It WAS NOT needed and it was just a number they picked feeling the public would approve it as long as it was below 3.5%. Dem TOB Supervsor candidate Capabianco voted YES to increase all of our school taxes. Dem mindset
John Rennhack November 04, 2011 at 04:23 PM
Dan, sticking your fingers in your ears and saying "lalalalala" to drown out the facts does not make you correct in anything you've said. I have laid out the facts. Indesputable facts. You resort to ad hominem attacks because you have nothing to add and you refuse to realize that you are wrong on issue after issue. I challenge you to dispute what i have presented. You cannot do it and you know you can't. How can you castigate Democrats on taxes but excuse the Venditto tax increases?
James M. November 04, 2011 at 08:05 PM
Dan Michaels: Anti Democratic Party view regardless of issue
James M. November 04, 2011 at 08:06 PM
Hmmmm Good ole boy vs outsider?????
James M. November 04, 2011 at 08:08 PM
Dan Michaels: Pushing the Republican Party like Heroin. He knows it's bad for Nassau County but he just doesn't care.
James M. November 04, 2011 at 08:11 PM
Dan Michaels: Splitting hairs when it's a Republican but grouping everything when it comes to Democrats.
Dan Michaels November 04, 2011 at 09:40 PM
I can castigate Democratson taxes because it's true. History and the facts are irrefutable. Sadly. As for you. I'm done with you and the likes of people like you. You are a credit to your fellow Democrats who favor insults, verbal assaults, and INCRESING OUR TAX BURDEN, and just don't seem to care how it affects life here on Long Island.. Mr. Marshall's comments further prove my position with Dem ignorance and a need to resort to any kind of assaultive response. You stand by your facts and I'll stand by mine. That's alright isn't it? We'll see which party prevails next Tuesday. However, I suggest you chill-ax. It's politics my friend. There are far more important issues in life to get all worked up about. Be well my friend. Dems = Tax Increase. Check the records. Amen.
James M. November 04, 2011 at 10:11 PM
Dan Michaels: Republican regardless of the candidate, issue, or even subject. If there is a problem with the world it's the Dems fault. If there is a tax increase to pay for Republican borrowing, it is the Democrats fault. If there is a rise in fees, it's the democrats fault. If your dog doesn't listen to you, it's the democrats fault. If the businesses are failing regardless of the fact Republicans have been in charge most of the time, .........it's the Democrats fault. If your wife left, blame the Democrats. If it rains on Election day, it's the democrats trying to keep the elderly from the polls. By Dan's reckoning of how to view politics Reps=Crook Pediphiles that apologize to corporations for making them responsible for their mistakes (This is DAN'S WAY of thinking not mine). CHeck the records. You find all of these instances from Republicans. My way of thinking is take each candidate individually and see if they have solutions or party rhetoric. Party rhetoric gets Nassau no where fast.
John Rennhack November 05, 2011 at 12:55 AM
You are entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts. Everything I wrote is a fact. BTW, if you check your school board, the members are mostly republican. That goes for most of the school boards in Nassau. That sorta demolishes your democrats and tax myth. You keep ignoring Venditto increasing taxes every other year. There are no "verbal assaults" or "insults", just facts. Stop with the straw man arguments they don't work outside of FOX News. And as for being "done" with me.. of course you are... you have no facts and your arguments are all invalid.
Jay November 07, 2011 at 12:09 AM
Why are you afraid of the truth John? You oughta get out more. I get it, you're intimidated. Scared of people who are smarter than you? Well get used to it cause thats most of Long Island. You will never amount to a tenth of the accomplishments in your lifetime that Peter Schmitt has achieved in one year if service.
John Rennhack November 07, 2011 at 01:32 AM
What are you talking about??? Clearly your medication is due because you have a huge disconnect from reality. Facts are facts and just because you dont like them doesn't make them go away.
Kristen Ferrari November 07, 2011 at 03:37 AM
So far Mr. Rennhack has written points and then backed up his points so I'm not sure why you are saying he is angry. Dan Michaels, you are the one continuously making personal attacks and not sticking to the issues nor are you addressing Mr. Rennhack's points. I don't know if all of his facts are correct but I have yet to see him attack on a personal level. I have seen you not only ignore his points but resort to attacks. Why not discuss your candidate and why you think he's the best man for the position as opposed to belittling Ms. Pearson or Mr. Rennhack? I read these articles and comments hoping to learn more about the candidates and the people supporting them, not to see who can come up with the better insult.
Jay November 07, 2011 at 03:45 AM
When you know you wrong it is evident that you run away. I can see this clearly and it is obvious to anyone with half a brain. You make about as much sense as a sack of old potatoes. how can you be so sure of the lies you say when in fact nearly are school board members are democRATS. Why would say they're Republicans anyway when I is you who claim to love and adore them. Very odd fellow you are. Which mental institution did you escape from again? Why so you feel the need to insult me? No need to answer I already know it's because you're a born dim witted slow loser!
Dale from Farmingdale November 07, 2011 at 03:26 PM
Mr. Michaels: Everything you just accused Mr. Rennhack of is exactly what I was thinking of you...the anger and blanket anti-party attitude. All he did was breakdown your questions, comments and accusatory points in an organized fashion, much like a debate. You made points and asked him questions and he responded with specific information. I detected no anger in those responses; only in yours. You put him in a no-win situation; if he ignored you, you'd say that proved your point, and by responding to you, you found negativity anyway. You picked apart every word and even style that he responded with. From my standpoint, it's hard to learn anything when each party simply accuses the other of lying. And, surely, having a candidate as a "personal friend" clearly represents the likelihood of biased information.
Dan Michaels November 07, 2011 at 08:32 PM
Eva Pearson is funded and supported by the Democratic Party. She is not as independent as she'd have you believe. She will owe the Democratic party and like all party candidates support their parties agenda. Eva didn't even live here a few years ago. How much could she know about Farmingdale's issues or history. Come on folks. Beleis lives here as does his family. DO you really think he'd support anything that wasn't good for all of us in the 14th LD? I believe in supporting someone who has spend decades here, not a few years. VOTE BELESI Farmingdale's home grown and long time resident candidate.
James M. November 07, 2011 at 08:42 PM
Dan Michaels: Playing democrat card even when it doesn't apply. Dan Michaels staunch Republican. When you have nothing else to hang your hat on use the experience card. So what, he's lived here his entire life. (No offense to Belesi, I'm just commenting on Dan's comment). Apparently in Dan's world how long you've lived here is more important than any ability to change the way things are going. In Dan's world it's about who you know not what solutions you can think of. In Dan's world it's Republican or nothing. In Dan's World what voting line you are on is more important than the ideas you are running on. Mr. Belesi, Thankfully I have read your internet posts and know this is not the platform you are running on.


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