Mangano: 8 Police Precincts to Merge into 4; Farmingdale Area Affected

All 177 patrol cars will remain in current neighborhoods, but the Eighth Precinct will become a 'community policing center.'

Claiming it will save money and not diminish police protection,  announced Monday that the county's eight police precincts will merge into four.

Farmingdale is currently covered by both Nassau's Seventh and Eighth Precincts and Suffolk's First Precinct. The Seventh Precinct in Seaford, along with the Second Precinct in Woodbury, Third Precinct in Williston Park and Fourth Precinct in Hewlett will continue to operate as regular precincts, while  in Levittown, along with the First Precinct in Baldwin, Fifth Precinct in Elmont and Sixth Precinct in Manhasset will become community policing centers, according to a release from the county.

Mangano's plan, which he says will save the county nearly $20 million, will extend the Second Precinct's coverage area through Farmingdale into Massapequa.

"Keeping residents safe is my number-one priority," Mangano said. "This plan keeps all 177 patrols cars in their current neighborhoods, assigns more cops to POP and opens four new community policing centers throughout the county while increasing efficiencies."

Mangano's proposal was immediately met with derision. James Carver, President of the Nassau PBA, told 1010 WINS he is going to fight the plan.

"We currently have eight police precincts and they're trying to tell everybody that having four police precincts is a better way to police Nassau County, well they're dead wrong on this," Carver said.

, R-Farmingdale, said he plans to take the week to carefully review the full plan. Belesi is a retired Nassau County Police Department supervisor who was recently re-elected to the 14th Legislative District seat .

"If the county executive is going to keep the same number of patrol cars, it could work, but I need to see the full plan," Belesi said.

Nearby, Nassau Legislator Judy Jacobs, D-Woodbury, said this was a “terrible” time to alter police procedures, with the Plainview and Syosset areas are full of concerns . 

Mangano's plan eliminates more than 100 desk jobs and slashes "costly" built-in overtime benefits, said Mangano at a press conference with Police Commissioner Thomas Dale. A total of 48 police officers will be reassigned from desk jobs to Problem Oriented Police (POP) positions.

While the number of precincts and desk jobs will shrink, Mangano said the number of patrol cars will remain the same.

The plan, which could take six months to implement, corrects a "workload imbalance," Mangano claimed. He said three police precincts presently perform twice the workload of the remaining five precincts.

"This plan saves taxpayers significant dollars while streamlining duplicative work, redistributing workload and assigning more officers to POP and special patrol," Dale said. "Residents should know that response time will not be impacted as police officers will remain in their current neighborhoods and additional officers will be assigned to our neighborhoods."

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ROBERT January 31, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Delete ROBERT Mangano's decision to close four Nassau County Police Precinct's is another bad decision from this administration. Each precinct covers a few towns currently , these precincts have Commanding Officers that see over the problems of these areas. There are many things that go on in the precincts that the public does not see, from managing crime stat's and putting into place solutions to combat these crimes ,setting up for large events were police are needed and dealing with smaller issues within the communities . Mangano is now going to put the work load of two precincts into one . So now a Commanding Officer who was in charge of 3 to 5 towns is going to be in charge of 6 to 10 towns. Less staff and less precincts equals less attention from the Police Department to the communities they cover. Ed Mangano is ruining this county. His past ideas have all failed and he's focused on putting the counties problems on the backs of the workers. Do you think Ed Mangano would eliminate a few legislative positions and have the remaining legislator's cover more towns? That would save the county money! When it comes to policing if you remove precinct's and their staff you put the public's safety in jeopardy . The residents should stop Ed Mangano from going ahead with his plan one that will effect the quality of life in Nassau County.
Alex McAslan February 06, 2012 at 02:48 PM
One question.... What exactly do they mean by community policing centers???? I'm getting very confused!!


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