New Police Camera Placement Discussed at City Council

Highlights from Tuesday night's meeting.

Glen Cove resident Charles Bozzello approached the podium at last night's city council meeting to question the placement of a new camera fixture on Glen Cove Avenue.

"It concerns me that there was no announcement or prior notice about this. They kind of just popped up," he said.

The camera fixture, which features two cameras directed to both the north and south lanes, was revealed to be owned by the Glen Cove Police Department, and is equipped with license plate reading capabilities.

Mayor Ralph Suozzi said he was not aware of the specific cameras, though he said he is continuing to push for a U.S. Department of Justice grant which would fund camera surveillance in the city's parking garages. He also said that the camera systems could possibly extend to the stretch of businesses along School Street and Glen Street.

The mayor noted the existence of several other cameras already installed, including one on Craft Avenue which he said has been successful in deterring crime.

In other business, the council agreed to consulting services with Glen Cove firm M.A.J.D. Consulting, Inc. in regard to the operation and maintenance of the Municipal Water Department.

Freshman councilman Reginald Spinello also called for more accountability from public employees using the city's fleet of 253 vehicles, including police cars, dump trucks and fire trucks. 

"We're settling a lot of claims through our attorney due to car accidents," he said.

The public hearing was closed concerning the  on Glen Street, School Street and Bridge Street, though Suozzi said the topic would resurface as more options are explored.

Mr. Smith February 16, 2012 at 04:03 AM
Just a thought, it is possible the Department of Homeland Security may have asked for or even installed these cameras for some reason. With the way that department runs I'm not surprised the Mayor was uninformed about it.
Greta February 16, 2012 at 07:17 AM
James - one can appreciate the services of the police but still feel they have too much power to collect information (spy) without a real need for it. with all the new tech gadgets coming on the market control over the privacy of ordinary citizens is becoming tighter and tighter. It's starting to feel Gestapo-like! How could there be police monitored cameras without the Mayor knowing about it? That doesn't frighten you? The "car" isn't bringing in enough money (tickets)?
Glenn Howard February 16, 2012 at 08:22 PM
The cameras are across from the Dance Studio and within City limits but on a County road and on a public utility pole. that means that the county, the utility company and perhaps ( but not necessarily) the City had to all agree that this could be done. The camera are conected to a large box that provides power and relays information to whomever is in charge of these units. The main issue is that every car (if these are plate readers) that goes by is noted as to time and date meaning that someone knows your daily movements on that section of the road. That data is logged and stored and for how long and why? The City has a car for the purpose of tracking out of date plates and so on, and the officer can pull cars over. This camera does not do anything but record and therefore why is it needed? for what is the information used? Certainly not as a crime deterent unlike the video cameras. Not as a Speed or Red Light Ticketing device. And why at this exact location? It would make more sense on Glen Cove Road.
james February 16, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Does it really feel Gestapo like? I don't get that feeling at all. I think you are exagerating and have a different agenda.
cc April 10, 2012 at 10:30 AM
When has anything made sense in the city. How about catching all the cars that make U-turns on Glen and School street?


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