PHOTOS: New Signs on Main Street

The new signs conform with a new code drafted by the Village of Farmingdale board.

Back in February, Mayor George Starkie and the approved new sign code requirements which aim to better synchronize the look of Main Street.

The was originally one component of the Village Master Plan to revitalize the downtown area, but the Board and Downtown Steering Committee decided to make the sign code a standalone item.

"We were originally going to do this all together, but there were a lot of people coming in wanting to redo their store signs and there are no laws on the books to bring these new signs up to standards we want to implement," Starkie said.

The code gives stores three years to conform to the new sign standards. Starkie stressed that he does not want the new code to be a "terrible hardship" for the store owners so a Community Development Block Grant the village received will be used to help offset this cost for many of the stores.

Browse the gallery above to see the new signs going up on Main Street at , , and others.

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