POLL: Building on Success of TOBAY Dune Project

The stabilization planting drew 1,200 volunteers and helped preserve the oceanfront. What other volunteer projects should the town sponsor?

The 24th Annual at Tobay Beach drew more than 1,200 volunteers Saturday to the windswept Atlantic oceanfront. Those volunteers, fortified with hot chocolate and clam chowder, planted some 230,000 stalks of beach grass on the dunes of Tobay Beach.

By all measure, this volunteer effort has grown into a major volunteer event that brings all sides of the community together in a common cause. Democrats and Republicans alike were welcome; partisan politics gave way to a line of consensus in the sand.

What would that be like if Saturday's effort were multipled and duplicated?

Surely other town parks and community assets are in need of a little help and could muster large numbers of volunteers? In addition to Tobay, the town operates seven other beaches, many on Oyster Bay itself and Long Island Sound. It maintains several major community parks, such as Allen Park in Farmingdale and the community parks in and There are also 150 small corner parks known as "parklets," many of which have baseball diamonds and basketball courts, under the the town's control.

Similar volunteer efforts all around the town could make a difference in the quality of life in Oyster Bay.

Take our poll and we'll share your answers with top town officials.

Richard March 28, 2012 at 03:17 PM
After going to so many sport events at public schools ....I noticed huge amounts of trash stuck in fences and shrubs on the exterior of our public schools. Maybe we can focus on cleaning up our school grounds. Wait - doesn't our taxes pay for this already ?
Joe Dowd March 28, 2012 at 11:29 PM
Richard: Thank you for the idea. School taxes (not town) do cover school clean-up. But more could be done all over town. Thoughts?


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