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City Officials Meet With Business Owners To Explain Parking Fee

Business owners and Glen Cove Downtown Improvement District members attended an informational session Monday.

"We're not looking to charge businesses for parking for the sake of parking," mayor Ralph Suozzi explained Monday during an informational session at City Hall on the .  

Several business owners from the downtown district were present at Monday's forum. One businesswoman asked whether the fees would discourage business startup in Glen Cove's central business district.

"Parking is what brings people downtown. It may be for the summer concerts and dinner, it may be the doctor and Starbucks - this is part of a plan for strategic growth in the coming years," he said.

The one-time fees for new businesses were explained to apply mostly to special use applicants - businesses which deviate from the code of the city's central business district, which stretches from School Street through Glen Street to the Pulaski Street interesection.  Special use businesses include restaurants with over 64 seats, retail stores of 20,000 square feet or more and medical offices, according to city planner Max Stach.

Stach said that while surveys reveal a third of parking currently unused, upcoming development will create a tighter picture for the downtown's parking, which needs to be expanded and maintained.  

In accordance with the criteria for the implementation of the fee, Stach explained, "most businesses will likely not pay anything under this structure, including retail stores, restaurants, and anything already covered in the zoning for Glen Cove's downtown."

The planning board would continue to have a mechanism in place to waive up to 50 percent of an applicant's required spaces, albeit a power that would be limited in the implementation of this new fee structure, according to the mayor.  However, Suozzi said that if a restaurant is able to show that the fee will be a hardship to startup costs, the fee can be waived completely.

The fee structure will be open for discussion at the city's next two council meetings.

GCPete May 16, 2012 at 02:58 AM
Is it me or do these people all seem dilusional? "Parking is what brings people downtown"? ... "this is part of a plan for strategic growth in the coming years"? Take a look at Jack Shack, which is just up the road. That place had such potential but was shut down because there were not enough parking spaces for the tables that were there despite the fact that there is an empty parking lot behind it. Now there is a business that clearly invested a great deal of its own capital into a space to serve food but has 25% of it's space occupied by T-Shirts rather than tables for paying customers. Unfortunately it would seem that the planning board members are all a product of the GC school system (29% college preparedness index according to USNews) and are unable to calculate that taxes on $0 in revenue is and always will be $0. Maybe the planning board should start looking to give tax breaks to moving supply businesses so that they can profit from all of the homeowners and businesses doing everything they can to move away from here.
Mike Bruschini May 16, 2012 at 09:31 AM
Are you sure Jack's Shack is shut down? I was just there the other day for lunch, and there was plenty of parking.. a place like Jack's Shack's parking is what city planner Max Stach would call ideal - "in view of where you're going", that's what he says shoppers look for when deciding where to go. Of course, inadequate parking comes with the territory of a bustling downtown - ever been to Huntington on a Friday night? They don't even have a parking garage in the Village, perhaps an alternative to the current situation in Glen Cove, GCPete?
GCPete May 16, 2012 at 11:13 AM
Jack Shack was shut down, it's open now, and we'd be lucky to have the problem that Huntington Village has :)
Glenn Howard May 16, 2012 at 09:18 PM
First of all Jack's Shack in in Glen Head and not in Glen Cove and it has been open for well over a month, mayby two. It was closed temporarily to comply with the TOB rules relative to a CO or a similar issue. That was resolved. Glen Cove parking is irrelevant to that business.


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