Village Green Skateboarders to Receive Warnings

Board contemplates system to prevent littering and nighttime activities.

The is contemplating a warning system for skateboarders after a brief interruption during Monday's work session.

During the meeting, Trustee Cheryl Parisi brought up the issue of skateboarders in the adjacent to Village Hall. Despite wooden barricades being placed around the entrances to the gazebo, several skateboarders were inside and skateboarding around it during the meeting.

The boys were asked to leave the premises and did so without confrontation, but the interruption prompted a conversation about ignorance of Village Green rules.

According to the board, in the mornings after people have been seen loitering inside the gazebo, garbage and beer bottles as well as graffiti have been found. Board members also reported several complaints from residents. Though the trash and vandalism cannot be linked directly to skateboarders in particular, the board wants to curb all after hours loitering that could lead to it.

The board will attempt to implement a warning system. Agreeing that issuing a ticket to skateboarders was too harsh, they decided that those who are caught violating rules would be given a warning and have their names recorded. Within the Village Green, they will also be posting a sign reminded people that the area is under video surveillance to prevent vandalism and littering.

As of now, barricades go up after dark to keep loiterers out of the gazebo and are taken down in the mornings so people can use it.

Madeline Baranovich July 27, 2012 at 01:31 PM
So build a place where the kids can go. Make a safe place for the kids to hang and not be out on the streets.
Anthony July 30, 2012 at 02:54 PM
The town always had a problem with skateboarders.they should just resolve the problem createing a desiginated area for us to utilize


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