Village of Farmingdale Mayor Will Not Seek Second Term

George Starkie has decided not to run in March.

Village of Farmingdale Mayor announced Wednesday morning that he will not run for a second term in the March village elections.

At the January village board meeting Tuesday night, he told around one dozen residents in attendance that he was still undecided about his plans. The announcement comes one month after resident Georgiana Sena

Starkie was a village trustee for two years before being elected mayor in 2008. During his tenure, he has worked aggressively on , , and helped oversee cleanups after and . He cited a need to focus on his family and his business, , as reasons for not seeking re-election.

Starkie released the following letter to his constituents:

Dear Village Residents,

After much thought and consideration I have decided not to seek re-election in March.  It has been truly an honor and a privilege to serve the community I love.  Between the toll on quality family time and the economic tsunami my business has been slammed with, the tough, but right, decision was obvious.

There are a number of serious issues my board and I will be dealing with before my departure.  Consolidating water services to secure long term water resources and lower rates is one important issue.  Having full time fire dispatchers at our firehouse when 46 other departments in Nassau County use 911 is another.  Can we afford this obvious duplication of service while the unsustainable costs to provide vital services outstrip our tax payer’s ability to pay?  The first of many applications for new smart growth projects will be coming to the Board this winter.  Don’t let nay sayers like my good friend John Venditto in Oyster Bay claim “urbanization” to scare you.  Tearing down old warehouses and blighted vacant buildings is not urbanization, its revitalization.  The village will have more green space; a much more beautiful down town and a new lease on life.  As other downtowns die a slow death due to high taxes and rents, Farmingdale will be a model and a roadmap to change.

Lastly, we must hold all our elected to adhere to the new 2% tax cap.  We are the highest taxed county in the country.  The party is over and we can’t afford this distraction any longer.  The time has come to rethink how we teach our children and provide basic government services.

I believe this has to be a grassroots effort.  Farmingdale Village has stayed under the tax cap over the 4 years I have been your Mayor.  The Board and I are making the tough decisions.  It can be done!

Again, it has been an honor to serve you these past 6 years.  To my faithful constituents, your support has meant a great deal to me; to my dedicated board members, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and hard work.  And, to my wife, Patti and my kids, Hank, Heather, Lucas and Nicky, thank you for your patience, love and support.  I could not have embarked on this journey without it. 

Once a Daler, always a Daler.  See you down on Main Street.

-George Starkie

What do you think of Starkie's decision? Tell us in the comments.

Tony January 05, 2012 at 01:18 PM
Mayor Starkie, Thanks for your dedicated service to the Village of Farmingdale. Your improvements to our Village will not be soon forgotten. Please do not make removing the dispatchers from the Fire Department one of your final orders of business or even entertain it as the dispatchers are not just Fire Rescue dispatchers, they are also 24 hr phone line to the village of Farmingdale for water main breaks, tree limbs down in the roadway, or any other public works related issue in our village. They also provide a janitorial service in the fire department that will have to be done and paid for once they are removed. They change light bulbs, paint, do small repairs, shovel snow, wax floors and watch over our apparatus 24 hrs. a day. They accept deliveries of equipment for the fire service in our village and open and close the village hall after hours for public meetings in the village hall. They dispatch Fire and rescue calls seconds after they receive them (and every second counts in an emergency) whereas Fire Comm. will not be as fast. The salaries that they are paid is minimal if we have to delegate their services to others. Yes you will get a service from Fire Comm. but who will do all of the other services that is taken care of daily by the dispatchers? The money the Village will save will not outweigh the loss of service the village will benefit from. Fire Comm. will dispatch Fire and Rescue calls but they will not be 24 hour dispatch for our DPW or water department.
Steve Blitenthal January 07, 2012 at 12:33 AM
Thank goodness Starkie is not going to run for mayor again. He has been the worst mayor that the village has had since 1975, when we opened our business. He has done nothing to help bring shoppers to Farmingdale. In fact, he has made it worse. He charges all business owners and employees $25 a year to park in 12 hour spots. There are not enough spots and these people have to move their car every 3 hours or risk getting a ticket. Also, he is not allowing sandwich signs. These are a cheap form of advertising and in this tough economy, every little bit of savings helps. He is also forcing every business to buy new wooden signs, which are very pretty, but he is only paying 80%. Why should businesses purchase new signs if the old ones are good? This should be grandfathered in, or else they should pay 100%. People who go to bars and then leave their cars in the parking lot so they don't get DWI's are being ticketed. What is more dangerous? A car parked overnight, or a drunk possibly hitting or killing innocent people or himself? A few businesses moved to other stores to save money on rent, and they were harassed and given stop work orders until they got approved for paneling and/or painting inside the store. Neither is dangerous to the public, yet these businesses lost valuable work days waiting for approval. Good riddance to Starkie and his policies. We hope the new mayor will do everything he/she can to be a friend to the Main Street merchants.
Heather January 13, 2012 at 10:29 PM
Look Steve, with any and every mayor, trustee, gov, president you name it, there will always be something that you don't like or understand but that does not mean that their whole term was a wreck. Starkie has always done what he thought was right for the village and he did an amazing job! With the signs, sure the old ones were okay but the new ones were better. The whole idea was to make the village more attractive which means more customers. You have to spend money to make money and that's why this whole country is in the crapper because people are afraid or to greedy to make sacrifices. Times are tough on everyone not just you and it's time to stop sitting in a dirty diaper and pointing the finger.


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