When Will My Street Be Plowed?

TOBAY officials say all residential streets have been plowed at least once, crews working to prevent icy roads.

Town trucks. File photo.
Town trucks. File photo.

The entire fleet of Town of Oyster Bay trucks, about 275, were out plowing the streets nonstop Friday following Snowstorm Hercules. 

Areas around the Town of Oyster Bay were blanketed with up to 11 inches as drifts piled even higher in gusty winds. With winds relentlessly shifting snow, the job of clearing it becomes twice as hard. 

"Even here at Town Hall, we had a crew come in to do this parking lot and when they were done it looked like they didn't even touch it," said Town Spokesperson Marta Kane.

Kane said the town plows have visited all residential streets at least once, with main roads being plowed about four times. Sand and salt trucks will be out tonight to prevent dangerous ice slicks from forming on the roads as temperatures drop. 

The Town of Oyster Bay's website explains the response protocol the case of a snowstorm such as Hercules. After dividing the Town's 750 miles of road into 167 individual maps, designated snow emergency routes, such as main arteries and school bus routes, are sanded and salted. 

Next, salt and sand are applied to feeder streets to allow access to main roads followed by dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs. If the snow accumulates above three inches, streets are plowed in the same order.

Keep these numbers on hand if you have a concern about a street in your neighborhood:

For information regarding snow clearing operations on Town-maintained roads or other emergency operations, please call the Town's Highway Department at 677-5757.  To report any Town Code violations, please call 624-6250.

For information regarding snow clearing operations in Incorporated Villages, residents should contact their Village Hall. (Listing of Village Hall Phone Numbers CLICK HERE).

For information regarding snow clearing operations on roads maintained by Nassau County, please call the County Department of Public Works at 571-6900.

For information regarding snow clearing operations on State-maintained roads, please call the 24 Hour New York State Emergency Operations Center at 631-952-6777.

How did the town do on your street? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Maggie January 04, 2014 at 12:30 PM
Our Farmingdale roads look great! Thank you, T.O.B.!


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