Board of Ed, Administrators Reflect on Year

District goals were discussed at Wednesday's school board meeting.

Progress made this year and new goals for next year were the central topics discussed at Wednesday's Board of Education meeting at .

Superintendent John Lorentz presented his ideas for establishing Farmingdale as a high-achieving school district to the Board of Education and attendees.

He stressed that the goal of the Board of Education is “much different from what we may have done in the past,” and described the importance of the instructional, fiscal and facilities teams working in tandem under consistent leadership. 


Lorentz outlined the characteristics of what the Board of Education has defined as a high- achieving school district, which includes a refocusing on the equal achievement of all students, consistent curriculum and assessments, effective school leadership and communication between faculty and students.

Lorentz explained further that creating a constructive learning community will produce a consistent evaluation and assessment system. 

“We have to take responsibility and refocus on the students instead of the adults,” he said. "Everyone in public schools, has to understand, refocus and establish new goals.”  


The Board of Education stressed that long-term budget objectives will help district achievement, by supporting sustainable programs that are flexible.

Lorentz discussed the importance of protection from state aid fluctuations and of a predictable and acceptable tax levy, in this

“Overall, we must create the best experience for our students,” he said. Both Lorentz and Shari Bardash-Eivers, president of the Board of Education, discussed the the give and take of taxation and improvement of the district, in that for improvements to be made, taxes must be increased appropriately.

“We need to continue to work as a team,” Eivers said, stressing that both the community and the school need to work together to produce the highest achievement for all students.  


Lorentz explained that between 2005 to 2010 the Farmingdalel district has improved Woodward Parkway, Albany Avenue, Northside, Saltzman East Memorial, Farmingdale High School and both the east and west wings of Howitt Middle School. Improvements were funded through a capital line in the budget.

The newest facilities improvement is the Farmingdale High School window replacement project, which is currently underway.

“There will be installation of new windows throughout the building, including punched windows, single-story curtain wall, two-story curtain wall, and multi-story curtain wall," he said. This project is set to be completed before the upcoming school year.

Overall, the superintendent said the district must recognize what has been accomplished and continue to strive for new and improved goals.

"We will never fully reach our goals because we have to continue to move the bar,” he said.

Kevin Hassett June 10, 2011 at 08:45 PM
The mindset, of the School Board, that states that tax increases are required to make academic improvements is pure manure, and shows a complete weak kneed approach to demanding more from the school staff, which includes teachers and administrators. The curriculum, the quality of the teaching staff, and the demands of the Administration upon the teachers is what makes a high achieving school. The parents of each child also play an important role in the education of their children, and leaving it exclusively to the shcools is delusional. Farmingdale is not, and will not ever, be the Harvard of Public Education. Throwing more money into this school system that is still not computerized, nor do you see it on the school boards agenda items, shows you how out of touch they seem to be. Technology in education is passing our children by in the Farmingdale Schools. The last sentence of this article above says it all. We will never reach our goals.... Why not? Those same bars are rising for every school district on Long Island. It's time to cut the speech making and alibis for mediocrity in our schools, and make some real academic demands upon students today. Tax increases are NOT THE SOLUTION so stop wishing it to be so. Enough!


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