Farmingdale School District Reviews Proposed Budget for 2014-15

Announces capital improvements

Windows are being replaced at Howitt Middle School. Credit: Farmingdale Public Schools
Windows are being replaced at Howitt Middle School. Credit: Farmingdale Public Schools

The Farmingdale School District reviewed the 2014-15 proposed budget and presented its proposed capital improvement projects at the Board of Education’s budget workshop last week.  

The district’s proposed budget stays within its tax levy limit of 1.81 percent, which was calculated with the formula provided by New York State, school officials said. 

 “The Farmingdale School District reviewed the key parameters of this year’s proposed budget and thoroughly explained the necessary capital improvements that need to be conducted at our facilities,” said Paul Defendini, the district's assistant superintendent for business.  “We believe the budget is fiscally responsible and is designed for the District to maintain and improve the quality of its facilities.”

Now, the district is replacing windows and curtain walls at many of its facilities, including Howitt Middle School, Albany Avenue Elementary School, Saltzman East Memorial Elementary School, Northside Elementary School and Woodward Parkway Elementary School. It is also is making energy-efficient improvements that are associated with the district’s energy performance contract. The current capital projects were previously approved by the Farmingdale community.

The district aims to continue additional improvements at the Howitt Middle School at no cost to the taxpayers.  A separate proposition on the May 20 ballot will ask voters to approve the district’s use of a portion of its reserve funds to renovate the windows and curtain walls at the school’s pedestrian bridge, and conduct asbestos abatement at Howitt Middle School West.  Because the district is using the capital reserve fund, there is no tax impact. By law, the use of capital reserve funds must be approved by Farmingdale residents. 

The Farmingdale School District encourages community members to become involved in the issues that affect its schools.  The next budget workshop will take place on Wednesday, April 2,  at Howitt Middle School East Gymnasium beginning at 8:00 p.m.  For more information, visit www.farmingdaleschools.org.

Residents are reminded to vote on the 2014-15 proposed budget on Tuesday, May 20 at the Howitt Middle School gymnasium from 6 a.m.-9 p.m.


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