Farmingdale Student Musicians Honored

Dalers were chosen for the LI String Festival and to perform for New York State Band Directors Association.

Farmingdale student string and band musicians were recently honored with opportunities to play in Syracuse and at the Long Island String Festival.

Band Director Erica Hartmann accompanied 49 fifth grade band students to perform at the New York State Band Directors Association Symposium in Syracuse.

Hartmann is the first Farmingdale School District teacher honored with the opportunity to present for the Band Directors Association. The fifth grade students demonstrated various instruments to third grade peers, who then had a chance to experiment with string and band instruments after the presentation.

Hartmann and the Woodward Parkway Elementary School Band received a certificate of appreciation from David Wilbur, president of the New York State Band Directors Association.

The Farmingdale School District also had seven students selected to participate in this year’s Long Island String Festival. The students earned this honor based on recommendations by school faculty and­­ their prior performances in the New York State Music Association (NYSSMA) Festival.

There was a two-day rehearsal in preparation for the String Festival. The following students participated:

  • : Annaliese Brellis, Emily Felker, Michael Anzalone and Jeneen Melo
  • : Thomas Eustaquio, Joanne King and Thomas Liebau


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