Lupinacci Resigns School Board

Lupinacci to take up new role as assemblyman in 10th District in January.

Chad Lupinacci, elected to the 10th Assembly District in November, submitted his resignation Sunday morning from the South Huntington Board of Education.

First elected to the school board in 2004, Lupinacci stepped in to the 10th Assembly District race in July when the popular incumbent, James Conte, withdrew because of illness. Conte died Oct. 16 after a lengthy battle with cancer.

In his resignation letter to the board, Lupinacci said he would make education one of his main priorities in his role as assemblyman. "In particular, I will focus on correcting the broken school financing system, ensuring the meaningful mandate relief that was promised with the implementation of the tax levy cap, and reducing the innumerable restrictions placed upon school districts to pursue alternative funding streams."

He noted that he had served with a total of 13 trustees in his time on the board, and commended all of them as the "epitome of selflessness." In particular, he praised board president James Kaden, writing, "His unmatched knowledge of school financing is recognized across Long Island and New York State. For nearly two decades, he has sacrificed his time, energy, and own money to ensure that our students have eveything they need to obtain a well-rounded, challenging education."

Lupinacci is a 1997 Whitman High School graduate and a lifelong resident of South Huntington. He is a lawyer.

The school board will meet at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Countrywood Primary Center.


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