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Question of the Day: The School Budget

Are you satisfied with the results of the budget vote?

Voters easily approved the Farmingdale school budget Tuesday night, 1,787 to 896.

Only about 9 percent of eligible voters turned out in the rain to cast votes for the budget and the three Board of Education incumbents who ran unopposed.

The budget fit the new state tax cap mandate, increasing just 1.82 percent over last year, largely due to teachers .

Are you satisfied with school funding? Do you want to see some new faces on the board?

Tell us in the comments.

Helen May 17, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Satisfied with funding, no. We are looked over by Albany every year. Do I believe we could do the same with less? Yes. Do I believe the teachers took one for the team? No, not really. What they agreed to was simply a way of covering their collective rears. I'm not attacking teachers, let's get that clear. What I am saying is that it is about time others in our economy suffer along with the rest and do not receive a raise. I haven't had a raise in three years. Others took pay cuts, others have no job. Whatever. The bottom line is the top heavy school district. Gotta cut from the top down. The superfluous jobs need to be eliminated. It's the same stuff we always harp on here.... Perhaps we should take a page from Syosset's notebook - and vote in an 18 year old to the board who has the gumption to shake things up? Just a thought.


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