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Save La Salle Committee: 'We Have a Plan'

Group releases letter asking for the support of parishioners.

The Save La Salle Regional School group continues to work towards keeping the school open after June, when the

The group has held , has collected nearly and recently sent the folllowing letter to parishioners for support:

Dear Parishioners of St. James, St. Kilian, St. Martin of Tours, and St. Pius X, 

In the mid 1920’s, the Pastor of St. Kilian Church, Rev. Fr. Joseph Haldmaier O.S.B. knew that the growing parish needed a parochial school of its own, believing in what he referred to as the “Domestic Trinity” – Home – School – Church, three required elements for a parish to continue to thrive. Hence the foundation was laid for what would eventually become St. Kilian School and later in 1992, St. John Baptist De LaSalle. Each parish (St. James, St. Martin of Tours, St. Kilian, and St. Pius X) has been such an integral contributor to the success of our regionalized school over the past 20 years, and while we may be four separate parishes, we have evolved into one school family where our children are thriving.  

In 2005, the US Conference of Bishops identified a plan for developing strategies to keep Catholic elementary education accessible, affordable and available to Catholics of all income levels. The responsibility of our entire parish community is to carry this torch, providing Catholic elementary school education for future generations. 


  • On 12/6/11, the Diocese announced the closing of six schools including our parish school, St. John Baptist de LaSalle Regional School. For many, this is the second time facing a school closure.
  • Make no mistake, closing LaSalle affects ALL parishioners.  Closing of the school impacts the overall well-being of all parishes – 15% of weekly contributions will still be going to the Diocese supporting other parishes that have operating schools.
  • Closing LaSalle adversely affects participation from current/future dedicated Catholic families who will likely change parishes, weakening attendance, contributions (both fiscal and spiritual), and church ministries; going forward similar families will not choose to live in a community without a Catholic school.


  • Pope John Paul II’s 1999 The Church in America, states that Catholic schools play a vital role in the evangelizing mission of the Church. 
  • Catholic high schools receive 60% of their enrollment from Catholic elementary schools. Systematic elimination of elementary-level schools will dramatically affect all Catholic high schools.
  • Studies have established that vocations, lay Catholic educators, and ministries have the common thread of Catholic education in their background. Over twenty individuals educated at St. Kilian/LaSalle School have answered the call to religious life.


  • According to the Long Island Catholic, “To date [the Diocese has] not been convinced that the legitimate upset and pain has been translated into any proposal that would change our decisions” (1/18/2012).
  • We have a proposal to privatize the school while retaining its Catholic identity.
  • We have religious and academic advisors, including leading Long Island Catholic educators who have successfully done this in the past.  They are convinced that we are absolutely on the right path, and we are ready to present our plan to the Diocese.
  • Your parish needs your support.  Visit us at www.savelasalleregional.org for more information.

While we may face different challenges than those who founded St. Kilian School in 1926, our goals remain the same. Please pray for our success and that our Diocese carefully considers our proposal.  Most importantly, please pray for our children, that they may have the blessing of an education in their community, your community, with the values, vision and faith based culture that only a Catholic organization can provide.

Thank you again for all of your support over the years for your parish and your school.

Respectfully Yours,  

The LaSalle Venture Committee

Do you support the committee? Or is the Diocese's decision sound given and other factors? Tell us in the comments.

tricia carney February 10, 2012 at 02:05 PM
KUDOS to the LaSalle Save our School Committee. Why should we, the future of Catolic Schools, stand by & not fight?? Its about time someone stood up to the Diocese and demanded answers and a solution!!
Victor Calderone February 10, 2012 at 07:24 PM
Our petition is up to 274 signatures. Please sign and forward to your friends and families: http://www.change.org/petitions/save-catholic-education-in-farmingdale-give-us-a-chance
Donna Schneider February 12, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Donna I'm supporting LaSalle Regional School Committee. We as parishioners need to stand up and save our Catholic schools.


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