Bully! 'Teddy' Wins Nats' Mascot Race

Theodore Roosevelt mascot finally wins 'Presidents Race' at Washington Nationals game.

You know that larger than life figure who made Oyster Bay more presidential than provincial a century ago? He grabbed headlines again in Washington Wednesday.

Well, Theodore Roosevelt inspired an even larger-than-life figure who made history.

That's right, "Teddy," one of the running mascots for baseball's Washington Nationals, finally won a race. After 525 races dubbed "The Presidents Race," Teddy finally beat out the likes (and likenesses) of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln to end a winless streak that dated to 2006.  

The Phillie Phanatic helped Teddy cross the finish line, bowling over the other three presidents, according to the team website.

The real TR was a noted sportsman. No doubt he'd call the victory Bully!

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